A Traditional Gardnerian Outer Court


The Coven

Hawkfire Coven is an on-line Gardnerian outer court, dedicated to sincere Seekers of diverse backgrounds who, for equally diverse reasons (including economic, geographic, etc.), cannot pursue Gardnerian Witchcraft in a traditional coven. Hawkfire Coven is an inclusive coven open to Seekers of any race, culture, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, physical ability, income stability, education level, or geographic location. Since the egregore formed in a physical coven is a truly unique and exceptional experience, Hawkfire Coven will also help sincere Seekers locate covens within their geographic region before admitting them to its own outer court.


High Priestess Wren Robin operates in the University City area of Charlotte, North Carolina. A daughter group of Foxfire Coven, we adhere to the tradition as passed to us by our Long Island elders.



At this time, Hawkfire's Outer Court is full and we are unable to take on new Seekers.

However, Seekers looking for advice or help (particularly those with limited resources due to historic, fiscal, or physical challenges), are warmly encouraged to reach out to Wren Robin with questions.


All Seekers are strongly encouraged to read/watch/listen to the resource materials listed below.


How to write a serious and thoughtful inquiry.

Before contacting a coven, Seekers are strongly encouraged to read or listen to the audiobook of Traditional Wicca: A Seeker's Guide by Thorn Mooney and Gerald Gardner's Witchcraft Today. Seekers reaching out to Wren Robin are also encouraged to read her blogpost Towards an Inclusive and Intersectional Wicca, although Hawkfire is not accepting new Seekers at this time. Additional recommended books, blogs, and videos are listed below. 


When writing your Seeker letter, it is helpful to describe your interest in Gardnerian Wicca and previous experiences and interests in witchcraft, paganism, magic, and/or the occult. It is common for Coven leaders to reply to thoughtful inquiries with a brief series of questions to help guide the conversation.


This is the blog of Wren Robin, Hawkfire Coven's High Priestess. While Wren is primarily a Priestess for the gods of 'the Wice', she also practices as a solitary witch, priestess, and magician.  Like many witches and magicians, she balances this with a career, family, community engagement, and hobbies. 


While Gardnerian Wicca is hierarchical, Wren doesn't pretend to have all the answers. In this blog, she shares her questions, tentative answers, pitfalls, and successes. While only some posts deal directly with Gardnerian Wicca, this should give prospective Seekers a sense of how Wren frames the pursuit of the Work within her own life, which naturally filters down to her management of Hawkfire Coven.


Wren Robin, HPS of Hawkfire Coven (hawkfirecoven@gmail.com)